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Docuware for Integrated document management

Docuware for Integrated document management

Automate common processes

Does your office environment reflect the digital world we live in? Often, organisations still rely on manual steps for everyday tasks, such as capturing, reviewing and inputting information into internal and external applications.

DocuWare document management and workflow automation software enables you to digitise and optimise these everyday tasks, leaving your people free to focus on their main workstreams and driving cost reduction and increased productivity in your workplace.

DocuWare gives you enhanced control of your documents and meets requirements for security – helping you to comply with general and sector-specific data protection requirements.

DocuWare can be easily integrated into your existing IT structures and supports all proven standards and work procedures of a modern office environment.

For example, record management functions ensure safe, controlled documents and content whilst enhanced workflow functionalities allow easy web content management and universal integration functions. DocuWare provides all you need for powerful Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

Why use DocuWare?

  • Intuitive operation and comfort
  • Easy administration
  • Quick integration into your existing IT environment
  • Location-independent mobility and data access
  • Security for sensitive data

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