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The latest in workflow technology

The latest in workflow technology

AutoStore for a more efficient digital workplace

Even in the most tech-savvy business, documents still arrive in paper format. By using technology that helps you scan, integrate and store these documents into your business, you can improve security, increase efficiency and deliver a better service to your customers.

We recommend AutoStore to a wide range of clients who need to integrate paper documents into existing electronic systems. You can rely on AutoStore to help you in your accounts, legal, stores, HR and quality departments, as well as handling sensitive and confidential paperwork in complex sectors such as healthcare.

Nuance autostore

The benefits of better document workflow

  • Reduce manual paper processes, releasing staff time to more valuable tasks
  • Simplify your processes with advanced automation
  • Cost-efficient way to streamline your procedures
  • Ensure compliance with legal, accounting, data and regulatory requirements
  • Integrate with existing workflows and systems to speed up communication and increase productivity

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