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New Victoria Hospital Case Study

New Victoria Hospital Case Study

About the client


The New Victoria Hospital, in Kingston upon Thames, is one of the few remaining independent hospitals in the United Kingdom. The hospital was founded in 1958 and employs over 300 people.


The hospital works in a fast-changing environment, and needs technology that can efficiently support its critical work with patients. To do this, it needs reliable partnerships with organisations like BAC Office Equipment.


Why did they need help?


Like any healthcare setting, the hospital has a responsibility to keep patient and staff information confidential. With the amount of paperwork still involved in patient care, this means taking a strategic approach to ensuring that documents could be managed and printed in a secure way, without adding unnecessary time burdens to already busy staff members.


The team at the New Victoria Hospital tasked BAC to implement a print management solution that delivered the right levels of security and efficiency.


What did we do?


We carried out an in-depth assessment of the hospital’s needs, working with the  IT department and around 20 different departments across several sites. This gave us a clear understanding of the current printing infrastructure, the future needs and the specific challenges the organisation faced.


The results of this assessment led us to recommend PaperCut as the best solution. This is a powerful print management software that gives organisations control over their printing infrastructure. It delivers a range of features and tools to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and promote sustainability.


Introducing PaperCut enabled the hospital’s IT department to establish user authentication at the printer to permit the release of documents, completely eradicating any risk of accidental data leaks or security breaches.


What were the results?


PaperCut fulfilled the hospital’s need for a straightforward, efficient and secure printing solution that could be used easily by busy staff. This reduced the amount of wasted print by 30%, resulting in significant savings compared to the previous year.



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