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Cloud Print and Scan

Cloud Print and Scan

Effortless Print Management in the Cloud

BAC’s Cloud Print and Scan is a cloud based solution that empowers agile workplaces and hybrid workers to print from multiple locations using Print&Follow™ and scan directly to the cloud.

Removes the costs and hassle of managing your on-site print servers by shifting to the cloud with Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan (KCPS).

KCPS expands your potential to flex and scale. Perfect for agile workplaces with more than one site or those embracing a hybrid office culture.

Managing your BAC devices in the cloud gives you ultimate control to increase the features of your print and scan environment across your organisation, while controlling overall printing costs through central management.

KCPS is our native cloud print management tool, built on our cloud platform technology. It’s easy to install and configure and allows you to optimise your company’s printing and scanning costs in no time at all.

When it comes to increased document security and the management of print and scan costs, KCPS provides the perfect solution for the modern business.

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