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Complete control over print, copy, scan and fax

Complete control over print, copy, scan and fax

Saving you money and reducing paper waste

Straightforward and powerful, PaperCut helps you easily manage users and printers. It’s a simple, low-cost software app that puts you in complete control.

Why use PaperCut?

Output Tracking

Track print, copy and scan activity reports company-wide for all users and departments.

Cost Recovery

Allocate document costs to individual departments, and set and enforce print and copy quotas to prevent output waste. Redirect print jobs to more cost-effective devices and create comprehensive management reports.

Output Management

Automatically capture all MFP activity and user data.


Centrally manage and get a complete view of your fleet – monitor all MFDs/ printers and users from a simple web interface.

  • Track print and associated costs by individual user, office or department.
  • Implement print policy rules: Stop mistakes such as printing a 100 page document instead of the one interesting page.
  • Enforce double-sided printing to deliver cost savings and reduce paper use.
  • Warn users when they are about to print emails in colour.
  • Route large jobs to the most cost-effective devices.
  • Print monitoring reports to analyse and audit printer usage.
  • Quick on-screen overview.

The Benefits

  • Encourages responsible use of company resources.
  • Reduces printing costs.
  • Helps create an environmentally aware workplace.

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