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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Managed Print Services: The Future of Printing

Your printer fleet can be one of the largest unmanaged expenses in your business. Managed print solutions give you a single supplier and a single cost – and a streamlined printing environment that delivers lower costs and higher efficiencies.

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Smarter Workplace

Make your organisation more competitive with the latest in digital document management. Tailored to your needs, and improving your processes and practices, your teams can work smarter, delivering better service and improving commercial margins.

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Digital Transformation | Organisational Growth

Access documents remotely, future-proof your IT and reduce your total cost of ownership by looking at the commercial benefits of switching to electronic content. We can help you by assessing your current document storage systems and recommending the latest in electronic content solutions to help power a more efficient way of working.

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Cloud Print and Scan Solutions – BAC Office

BAC’s Cloud Print and Scan is a cloud based solution that empowers agile workplaces and hybrid workers to print from multiple locations using Print&Follow™ and scan directly to the cloud.

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Our Approach


We conduct a comprehensive audit of your current print equipment and environment so that we can understand how your organisation works and what you want to achieve. This helps us to identify the places where things are working well and the areas where we can help you improve.


We design a complete bespoke system that includes hardware, software and document workflow solutions that encompass your entire document lifecycle. We use the latest technology to help you increase productivity and to make everyday tasks as simple as possible.


Our in-house team of engineers provides installation, setup and training for your new equipment and solutions. Which means you can have complete confidence that we are managing your print and document support internally, putting your organisation’s needs first.


Our customers benefit from our dedicated support, which gives you access to our system experts and helpline. Web-based remote monitoring means we have the latest information on the performance of your printer fleet, allowing us to anticipate your requirements and increase efficiency and service levels, giving you complete peace of mind and minimising downtime.


Our job is to make your working life easier. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for better ways to do things. We make sure you’re aware of the latest technologies and developments, and we’re continuously optimising your system for the best performance.

Our approach is designed to streamline your business, improving your efficiency and profitability. Our tailored, innovative solutions help you manage a wide range of issues, including upholding your responsibilities under GDPR – we ensure that all our solutions are secure and properly managed, even when your information is held in the cloud. We also support technology and processes that are environmentally friendly, including working with manufacturers who are committed to a low environmental impact.

Our Solutions

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