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Latest news and Innovations

Latest news and Innovations

Digital transformation: All You Should Know

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Digital transformation is all about using the latest technology to improve efficiency, productivity and performance. It is a hot topic across all organisations – from government departments to multi-national businesses, and all can benefit from investigating how technology can improve the way they work.

Because it’s often out of the comfort zone of those who manage organisations, digital transformation projects can get put on the back-burner, or marked as being too expensive, too time-consuming or not having enough proven benefits. But those organisations who are forward-thinking, want a competitive advantage and can see that their teams and departments will benefit from a smarter way of working are seizing the opportunity to bring digital solutions into the workplace.

Knowing where to start

It’s often too disruptive and too expensive to run a digital transformation programme across an entire organisation. Even the biggest companies tend to work on one or two projects at a time, making sure they get things right, learning from any mistakes and seeing where opportunities may present themselves in other areas of the business.

For many, the obvious place to start is by improving some processes that already have a digital element, such as document management and control. All organisations use email and keep most of their files electronically. They may also use accounting software, CRM systems and sales software. So there is a level of comfort with digital technology.

In these same organisations, however, data is still held or generated on paper, or comes into the business from external sources as paper documents. The digital transformation for these organisations is how to capture, organise, store and manage this paper information so that it can integrate seamlessly with what’s happening internally.

Additionally, organisations need to be looking at tasks that are currently manual or largely manual to see where digital technology can help – this might be printers that allow you to print documents remotely, for example, reducing the need for phone calls, emails and someone in the office to print things for you. Being able to digitise paper inputs in the accounts department rather than having someone sit there and input everything by hand could save several hours per week – which adds up to a significant cost saving over a year.

If you’ve been wondering how you can access and use the latest technologies to improve your processes, reduce time spent on manual exercises and release your teams to be more productive, click the button to find out how we can help digitise your document input, storage and management today.

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