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Latest news and Innovations

Latest news and Innovations

What is DocuWare: A Comprehensive Guide to Document Management Software

In today’s digital age, the need for efficient document management has never been more critical. Businesses and organisations deal with vast amounts of paperwork, digital documents, and data on a daily basis. Managing these documents efficiently can significantly impact productivity, compliance, and overall success. In this blog post we will be discussing what is Docuware, its key features, and how it can benefit businesses and organizations of all sizes by centralising, organising and making all of your digital assets ready and available by a click of a button.


What is DocuWare?


DocuWare is a comprehensive document management and workflow automation software solution designed to help businesses and organisations efficiently capture, store, manage, and process documents and data. It is often referred to as an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system due to its ability to handle documents and information throughout their entire lifecycle. Purchasing DocuWare through BAC Office Equipment ensures you will be looked after throughout the entire purchasing journey, we will carry out the initial scope of the software within your organisation, the implementation and provide assistance through remote support in maintaining the solution through its lifecycle. Click here try Docuware out for a month FOC and see for yourself


Key Features of DocuWare


Document Capture: DocuWare allows users to capture documents from various sources, including scanners, email, mobile devices, and digital files. It supports the conversion of physical documents into digital formats, making it easier to store and manage documents electronically.


Document Storage: DocuWare provides a centralised repository for storing and organising documents. It utilizes a secure and scalable document storage system that ensures easy access and retrieval of documents when needed.


Document Retrieval: With robust search and indexing capabilities, DocuWare enables users to quickly locate documents using keywords, metadata, and full-text searches. This feature enhances efficiency and reduces the time spent searching for specific documents.


Document Workflow Automation: One of the standout features of DocuWare is its workflow automation capabilities. It allows users to create custom workflows that automate document routing and approval processes, improving efficiency and reducing manual tasks.


Document Security: DocuWare offers robust security features to protect sensitive information. It includes user authentication, access controls, and audit trails to ensure that only authorised personnel can access and modify documents.


Document Versioning: Users can track document revisions and maintain a complete history of changes, ensuring compliance and accountability.


Integration: DocuWare can seamlessly integrate with other business applications such as ERP systems, CRM software, and email platforms. This integration streamlines processes and enhances data sharing across the organization.


Mobile Access: In today’s mobile-centric world, DocuWare provides mobile apps that allow users to access and manage documents on the go, ensuring productivity even outside the office.


Benefits of Using DocuWare


Improved Efficiency: DocuWare streamlines document-related processes, reducing manual tasks and eliminating bottlenecks. This leads to improved efficiency and productivity across the organization.


Enhanced Collaboration: The software enables teams to collaborate on documents in real-time, regardless of their location, facilitating better teamwork and communication.


Compliance and Security: DocuWare’s robust security features and audit trails help organizations maintain compliance with industry regulations and protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.


Cost Savings: By reducing paper-based processes and improving document management, businesses can save on printing, storage, and administrative costs.


Better Customer Service: Quick access to customer information and documents allows for more responsive customer service, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.




In a world where information and data management are paramount, DocuWare stands out as a versatile and powerful document management solution. It enables businesses and organizations to streamline their document-related processes, enhance collaboration, and improve overall productivity. With its array of features and benefits, DocuWare has become an essential tool for businesses looking to stay competitive and efficient in the digital age.

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